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The Cost of a Food Truck: A Comprehensive Guide

The Cost of a Food Truck: A Comprehensive Guide

What is the price of a food truck or trailer? This is a key question we get constantly from future mobile food entrepreneurs.

The answer is: it depends. At Smart Food Truck we understand budget is a critical factor when planning a business on wheels.

That’s why we want to explore this make-or-break topic for rolling restaurant success in detail here. Below you’ll find a comprehensive guide on food truck costs and what elements to consider:

Factors that determine food truck and trailer pricing:

  • Platform – A trailer has a lower starting price vs. a truck.
  • Size – The bigger the unit, the higher the total cost.
  • Build materials – Stainless steel vs. aluminum creates a price difference.
  • Appliances and equipment – Certified commercial brands carry a higher cost than generic alternatives.
  • Customization – Exclusive features and designs increase the budget.

Smart Food Truck pricing range:

Since we only produce 100% customized projects using top-grade materials and equipment, our pricing for brand-new units ranges from approximately between $35,000 to $65,000.

This is because we focus on maximizing durability, commercial-grade performance, and the worker’s experience by using marine-grade stainless steel, appliances from leading brands, and impeccable construction under strict quality control.

Other companies advertising remarkably lower prices are likely cutting corners on quality by using lower-tier materials or equipment and insufficiently specialized mobile kitchen construction labor.

Smart Food Truck’s customized service includes:

  • 1-on-1 expert consulting to determine all your needs
  • Scale 3D designs to visualize the unit before starting construction
  • Constant progress updates during the whole fabrication process
  • Comprehensive testing of appliances and systems before delivery
  • Flexible financing options to facilitate payment

Pricing is just one factor to consider. At Smart Food Truck our focus is ensuring complete client satisfaction, turning their visions into thriving rolling ventures.

Consult today without obligation to start planning your ideal food truck! Our team will guide you in making the most informed decision tailored to your budget and particular business model needs.

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